Fund it
to make
it happen!

Fund it 
to make it happen!

Funding consulting for businesses in Austria and Bavaria – Receive tailored support and guidance throughout the whole application process: from researching and selecting programs, to submitting your funding application and processing received funds.

Fund it to make it happen!

Funding consulting for businesses in Austria and Bavaria – Receive tailored support and guidance throughout the whole application process: from researching and selecting programs, to submitting your funding application and processing received funds.

Fund it
to make it happen!

Funding consulting for businesses in Austria and Bavaria – Receive tailored support and guidance throughout the whole application process: from researching and selecting programs, to submitting your funding application and processing received funds.

Your Benefits.


Identify the right funding programs for Your project.


Increase Your chances of securing public funding.

We build.

We build a strong case for why You deserve funding.


Save your internal resources for Your products / service.

Public funding can be a  great source of financing  for businesses and startups, but the process of applying for and securing this funding can be complex and time-consuming. That’s where I come in. Together with a  team of freelancers we have the knowledge and experience to help businesses and startups navigate through the public funding landscape and identify the right programs to apply for. You get  tailored support and guidance throughout the whole application process. With professional help, businesses and startups can increase their chances of securing the public funding they need to grow and thrive. Our mission is to level the playing field and provide tailored support to all businesses, regardless of size. We believe that every innovative project or business looking to build something new or improve their ways of working should have access to public funding. There are countless funding programs available in Europe, and we don’t think that these funds should only be accessible to larger businesses with dedicated departments specializing in obtaining public funding.

Types of public funding.

Startup & Innovation Fundings

Funding for startups and innovative projects is provided by public funding agencies to support the growth of new and emerging businesses. ... Click here to read more.

This funding can come in the form of tax-free grants, loans, or other financial incentives designed to help startups overcome the challenges associated with early-stage development. Public funding programs can be found at the local, state, and federal levels and can be a valuable resource for startups looking to develop prototypes or bring their ideas to market.

Suitable for founders, startups & SMEs developing new innovative products, services or processes.

Research Grants

Research grants are funds provided by various public funding agencies or even companies to support scientific research. ... Click here to read more.

These grants are usually awarded to university or non-university research institutions and can cover a variety of topics, from medical research to social science studies. Grants can be used to fund various aspects of the research process, such as equipment, materials, travel, as well as personnel costs. Successful applications can provide researchers with the resources they need to carry out their work and make important discoveries.

Suitable for universities & non-university research institutions, but also for companies with projects in the field of industrial research and experimental development.

Digitization Fundings

Public digitization fundings can be a decisive advantage for companies. With the help of these funds, companies can invest in new technologies, improve their processes and increase their competitiveness by receiving funding for external consulting by innovation experts. ... Click here to read more.

The benefits of digitization are manifold: they increase efficiency, improve the customer experience, enable access to new markets or help companies to operate more sustainably. Through public funding for the digitization of processes or products / services, even traditional companies can position themselves for long-term success in an increasingly digital world. For SMEs there are often special funding programs with a focus on the topic of digitization.

Suitable for SMEs & founders who want to digitize their own processes or procedures in the company or transfer digitization projects to the market.

Sustainability Fundings

Sustainable action is essential. Not only because customers are paying more and more attention to it, but above all because without a general change in the way we consume resources, long-term negative effects on the environment and society are inevitable. ... Click here to read more.

It is therefore essential that companies and individuals take responsibility and do their part to conserve natural resources. Public funding for adopting more sustainable business practices can be of great benefit to companies. By investing in sustainable practices, companies can reduce their environmental footprint. With the help of public funding, companies can make the necessary investments to become more environmentally sustainable, which ultimately leads to long-term success.

Suitable for companies and founders who would like to take a step towards climate protection and climate-friendly business practices through innovations.

Expansion Fundings

Public funding for internationalization efforts can play a crucial role for companies in their overall market strategy. With the help of these funds, companies can enter new markets, ... Click here to read more.

form international partnerships and expand their revenue streams. The benefits of internationalization are numerous, including increased brand recognition, access to new customer groups, and risk diversification. By leveraging public funding for expansion and internationalization, companies can position themselves for long-term success in a globalized economy. Specifically for SMEs, there are dedicated programs for internationalization, such as partial funding for online-only marketing campaigns in new target countries, to funding for holistic expansion projects, where the goal is to develop an internationalization plan and take the first steps.

Suitable for startups and companies that already have a certain track record in their home market and want to expand into new target countries.

Funding for Creatives

Public funding for companies within the creative industries can be a key advantage for these companies. With the help of these funds, creative companies can access resources for their own research and development, marketing, ... Click here to read more.

or even talent development. In addition, public funding can provide stability to these often volatile industries, allowing them to take risks and experiment with new ideas. By leveraging public funding, businesses in the creative sector can innovate and thrive, ultimately contributing to economic growth and cultural enrichment. Again, there are programs specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for founders, to get partial funding for projects within the creative industries (e.g. design, fashion, art, multimedia, music industry, etc.).

Suitable for founders and companies from the creative sector, such as design, architecture, art market, fashion, multimedia, music or film industry.

6-step consulting process.

1. Research funding programs

The first step is to research the different public funding programs that are available. We are looking for programs that are relevant to your business or project, and check the eligibility criteria and application deadlines.

2. Gather documentation

Once we’ve identified a funding program that you should apply for, we’ll gather all the necessary materials. This may include business plans, financial statements, CVs and other supporting documents.

3. Preparing your application

With the documentation in hand, we can begin preparing the application. We follow the instructions provided by the funding program and make sure to provide all the required information.

4. Presenting a strong case

In your application, we’ll make a strong case for why your business / project deserves the funding. We highlight your USP, your track record and any other factors that make your company stand out.

5. Submission of the application

Once we’ve completed the application, we review it carefully to make sure, we haven’t missed anything. After a final review by you, the application can be submitted according to the instructions of the program.

6. Await response & prepare hearing

The final step is to wait for the response from the funding institution. In the meantime, we actively support you in preparing for a possible project hearing / briefing with the funding agency.


Hi, my name is Marco. After founding my first creative agency during my business studies in 2014, I held various positions as CFO in a start-up and co-founder/managing director of an SME in the research and consulting sector. Since 2021 I am now back as an independent consultant with a focus on innovation and digitization consulting as well as financing of projects and companies. ... Click here to read more.
In recent years, I have built extensive skills and experience in planning and acquiring private and public financing for projects of various types. My goal is to unleash your entrepreneurial or creative potential and ambitions by supporting you in all financing and funding matters, so that you can focus exclusively on the work that defines you and your company!

WKO-subsidized Consultant

Registered in the consultant pool for subsidized management consulting of the WKO – Chamber of Commerce (Vienna & Lower Austria). Thereby it is possible for companies located in Vienna or Lower Austria to get a consulting in the course of a subsidized management consulting. You can find more details here.

Certified Digital Consultant

Authorized as a certified digital consultant for SMEs based in Austria. Through this program, a potential analysis on the topic of business models and processes together with me as a consultant is funded by 80% (400 EUR). A subsequent strategy consulting is funded by 50% (max. 1,000 EUR). You can find more details here.


Max N., Founder & Managing Director of a digital fintech platform

Through Marco’s support, we were able to find the suitable funding we were looking for for our internationalization project. Thanks to his expertise in the field of public funding, he was able to provide us with targeted support in the application process to date, which enabled us to save a significant amount of resources internally within our company.

Sanijel J. & Armin I., Founder & Owner of a language school

With Marco’s expert guidance, we were able to secure the exact funding we needed for our company’s digitization project. His deep knowledge and experience in the field enabled him to provide valuable support not only in the project conception phase, but also in the seamless operational implementation and processing of the funding.

Guenter B., Founder & Managing Director of a fashion label

Working with Marco, we found the right program for an internal project in the field of sustainability and ecological production processes. His competences in terms of funding, helped us a lot to focus more on the content and our product and to hand over all financial tasks.

Antoine P., Founder & Managing Director in the music business

Through Marco’s support we were able to find exactly the funding we were looking for to realize our innovation project within the creative sector. With his support and know-how in the field of public funding, we were able to submit our application with success and save internal resources at the same time.

Get in touch.

You want to find out which public funds are possible for your business? I’d be happy to arrange a free and non-binding initial appointment with you to find it out. Leave me a message via the contact form or by e-mail to

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